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Fiscal and Tax law

Legal advice specialist over 20 years of experience

Bufete Frau covers the advice and guidance in Fiscal and Tax law to private individuals and companies, both national or foreign and in particular to Non Residents in Spain, of all matters concerning national and foreign tax payments.

We work together with the remaining legal areas in the office to guarantee a full global service concerning planification of the operations of our clients.

The team of Bufete Frau holds extense experience in fiscal and tax advice in Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

We can, therefore offer a wide service of:

  • General tax planification, both national and international.
  • Advice to companies and private individuals in order to comply with their obligations
  • Advice and planification concerning operations of company re-structure (purchase and sale, amalgamation, re-organization)
  • Sectorial advice in real estate operations, financial operations or insurance, amongst others.
  • Fiscal planification of personal patrimony (inheritance and wealth tax, and family companies).
  • Fiscal planification of foreign investments in Spain.
  • Advice on cases of double taxation.
  • Tax matters of non residents in Spain.
  • Assistance and advice on the relationship of our clients with the tax departments, as well as the representation and defense in administrative and court proceedings.
  • Appeals and claims by a contentious-administrative route before the Inland Revenue Office and the Courts

Trust in Bufete Frau for your Fiscal and Tax Legal concerns

fiscal and tax laws bufete frau

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