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The forecasts of hoteliers, tour operators, airlines and restaurateurs are exceeded by the reality of tourism in Mallorca. After the period of recession due to the pandemic, the islands are recovering and are on track to surpass the record indicators set in 2019.

According to the world’s largest tour operators, “European tourism demand for the island continues to grow” and this is reflected in data from the INE (National Statistics Institute): 87% hotel occupancy in the Balearics, with 10.7 million overnight stays in July 2022. Some of the major hotel chains foresee something unexpected with 80% average occupancy in September due to last minute bookings.

As a result, the 2019 record of 3.7 million passengers at Son Sant Joan Airport is expected to be surpassed.

All this together with the arrival of a higher quality tourism that usually arrives in the month of September indicates that it may turn out to be the most profitable month of the whole hotel season with the rise in prices and the increase in tourists.

Not everything is as hopeful as it seems, because according to the indicators, operating costs are also rising progressively.

Once again, the Balearic Islands is the leader and tourist reference among Spanish destinations.

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High demand for property in the Balearics

Luxury properties are in particularly high demand. In the last seven years, property prices have risen by 40%. Therefore, it can be proven that real estate on the islands is suitable as an investment.

In addition, after the pandemic, holiday properties as second homes and home-offices are booming. Many foreigners want to enjoy the islands beyond the summer holidays and can come in the other seasons of the year to telecommute with wonderful views.

But what about non-EU nationals who can only stay 90 days a year?

In this case, and in the case that they wish to stay longer, our recommendation is to apply for the Golden Visa, so that they can obtain residency and can enter and leave Spain without having to count the days.

But what are the requirements to obtain it?

There are several ways to obtain it, you can find all the information on our website or other blogs where we talk about it.

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New tourists in the Balearic Islands

The new air route connecting Palma de Mallorca with New York has led to a steady increase in the arrival of visitors from the other side of the Atlantic. Even so, Germany and the United Kingdom continue to be the main countries of origin.

This new profile is a profile with high purchasing power, it is a very transversal type of visitor who invests and spends on quality tourism, attention, nautical activities and golf.

It is a type of tourist that the Balearics hope is here to stay. A tourism of quality, sustainability and respect for the islands.

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