How to get your IBI tax rebate in Palma

If you own a property in the city of Palma de Mallorca and you do not want to pay any more the property tax (i.e. “IBI”), you are in luck: the City Council has decided to approve a 100% bonus.

For the last three years, this bonus was 50%. However, as of January 1, 2023, the council has decided to take a step forward and go towards sustainability.


What can you do to obtain this bonus?

To benefit from this 100% rebate, you must install thermal or electrical energy efficiency devices in your residential property. That is to say, systems that take advantage of natural resources in order to maintain temperatures or produce electricity (as a clear example: the installation of solar panels).

Is there a bonus limit?

Yes, this bonus, even if it is 100%, this percentage cannot in any case exceed 12.000.-€.

I have a non-residential property, can I get a bonus?

The City Council of Palma has decided to extend the measure of 50% for three more years. It means that, if as owner of a property of non-residential use you already enjoyed the bonus, you will have 3 more years.
Otherwise, you have three years to benefit from this 50%.


In conclusion, Palma de Mallorca remains committed to sustainability, both at tourist and local level. From Bufete Frau, we help you to determine if you have a property eligible for a tax credit, complying with the requirements established by the local regulations.

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