1. Property Law and Tax Issues





    Articles Land Law. LOUS Future Regulation*
    Object, range and general principles art. 1& 2 art.1 & 2
    Public politics and planning activity and developments art. 3-4-5-6-9-13 art.3 to 12
    Activity of planning regulation art. 7-8-10-11 art. 17 to 20
    Administrative powers art. 15 to 17 art. 25 to 31
    Planning agreements art. 18 to 20 art. 32 to 37
    Publicity of actions, citizens participation, right of information art.12-14-21 art. 21 to 24
    Planning systems and system of subsoil art 22-24 a 26-29-30 art. 38 to 40 – 43 to 45
    Classification of land and requirements for building art. 23- 27-28 art. 41-42
    Rights and duties of the owners and building land art. 31 to 33 art 46 to 53
    Articles Land Law. LOUS Future Regulation*
    Instruments of town planning art. 34 art. 54 to 62
    General plan art. 35- 40 art. 63-64
    Structural decisions in the general plans art. 41 and 42 art. 65 to 80
    Documental contents of the general plans art. 36 and 37 art. 81 to 88
    Contents report of economic and environmental maintenance art.38 and 39 art. 88-89
    Partial plans art. 43 art.90 to 104
    Special plans art. 45 art. 105 to 117
    Documents of special plans art. 44 art. 118 to 121
    Studies of details art.46 art.122 to 124
    Catalogue of elements and protected areas art. 47 art. 125 to 131
    Bylaws of building, urbanization and publicity art. 48 art. 132 to 136
    Preparatory actions to draw up and process town planning art. 49 and 51 art.137 to 148
    Drawing up of planning art.52 art. 149 to 152
    Approval and process of town planning art. 50-53-55 art. 153 to 168
    Validity, modification and revision of town planning art. 56 to 62 art. 169 to 178
    Publicity, execution and obligations of town planning art. 63-64-65 art.179 to 182
    Declaration of public utility and necessity of occupation art. 66 art. 183
    Temporary uses and works art. 67 art. 184
    Effects of town planning on the already existing constructions and uses art. 68 art. 185-186
    Rules and regulations of direct application art. 69 art. 187 a 191
    Articles Land Law. LOUS Future Regulation*
    Concept, areas of action and estimates of the execution art. 70-71-72 art.192 to 201
    Ranges of execution and delimitation of units art.73-74 art. 202-203
    Obtaining land art.75 art.204 to 206
    Development expenses, obligations and charges of the owners art.77 and 78 art.207 to 210
    Systems of planning actions for re-plotting and proceedure art. 76- 79- 80 art.211 to 225-258 to 261
    Project of re-plotting art. 81 art. 226 to 232
    Effects of the project of re-plotting art. 82 art. 233 to 243
    Registry in the Property Registry office art.83 art.277 to 279
    Form of compensation art. 84 to 88 art. 244 to 252- 270-271
    Form of co-operation art. 89-90 art. 253 to 257
    System of seizure art. 91 to 95 art. 280 to 288
    Direct occupation art. 96 art. 289 to 291
    Collaborating planning departments art.15- 115 art. 262 to 269
    Maintenance departments art.115 art. 273 to 276
    Right of rehousing art.77 art. 292 to 307
    Articles Land Law. LOUS Future Regulation*
    Public Patrimoney of land art. 97 to 102 art. 308 to 314
    Right of surface art. 103 art. 315
    First rights of purchase art. 104 to 109 art. 316 to 320
    Obligation to develop construct and consequences of non compliance within period of right to construct art. 110 to 114 art. 321 to 331
    The works of development art. 115- 116 art.332 to 338
    Building works and general works on properties art. 117 -118 art. 339 to 347
    Cases of properties in ruin art. 119 to 121 art. 348 to 353
    Articles Land Law. LOUS Future Regulation*
    Cases of expropriation due to planning reasons art.122 art.354
    Department of expropriation and people beneficiary of the expropriation art. 128-131 art.355
    Proceedings art. 123 and 126 art. 356 and 360
    Proceeding, formulaltion and effects of the proceeding of joint valuation art. 124 -125-127 art. 357 to 359
    Destination of the land and cases of reversion art.129 and 130 art.361
    Articles Land Law. LOUS Future Regulation*
    General regulations art. 132 art. 362
    Planning license art. 133 to 137 art.363 to 367
    Competence and proceedure art.138-139 art. 368 to 373
    Decision of the technical projects art.140 art.374 to 376
    General effects, validity and expiry of the licenses art.142 art.377 to 381
    Special cases of planning license art.137-143-144-145 art.393 to 397
    System of actions of prior communication art. 133-136-141 art.388 to 393
    Plot planning art.146 to 148 art. 398 to 401
    Articles Land Law. LOUS Future Regulation*
    Planning inspection art.149 art.402
    Protection of planning legality art.150-155 to 159 art. 412 to 415
    Proceeding of restoration of upset legal order art.151 to 154 art.416 to 424
    Planning infringements and its consequences art. 160-161 art. 403 to 406
    Responsible people art.162-163 art.407-408
    Competence and proceedure art. 164 to 167 art.409-410-453
    Expiry of planning infringements art. 178-179 art.411- 459
    Articles Land Law. LOUS Future Regulation*
    Rules for demanding an offence responsability and application of sanction art. 166 to 175 art.444 to 452
    – Exclusion of economic profit art.171 art.449
     – Adjustment of the sanctions art.172 art.450
    – Aggravating circumstances art.173 art.451
    – Extenuating circumstances art.174 art.452
    – Mixed circumstances art.175 art.453
    Sanctions for planning infringements art. 176-177 art.441 to 443
    Collection of sactions art.180 to 193 art.458
    Sanction proceedure for planning infringement art.165 art.454 to 459
    Subsidiary execution of orders of replacement of the altered tax reality art. 152-153 art.425 to 440
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