When a proceeding is started for planning infringement, the result is not only that those responsible must restore the planning legality and the modified physical appearance (legalizing or demolishing same in a voluntary or non voluntary manner) but also the Administration holds the punishment authorization and may impose fines, in some cases very substantial, to these planning offenders (art. 186 LUIB).

This proceeding is carried out by the named Agency of Territorial Defense, that is an regional department of the Consell Insular of Mallorca; but to ensure that these proceedures are made easier, this entity has signed an agreement for four years with the Inland Revenue Office of the Balearic Islands to cooperate in the Collection of all income as a result of a proceeding of planning infringement, that is, both the fines arising from said offense, as well as the expenses that the Agency of Territorial Defense have had to bear when the offender does not voluntarily carry out the necessary works to restore the planning legality or the modified physical appearance.

As specialized lawyers in Real Estate and Planning Law in Mallorca and Ibiza, our aim is to keep you informed of any news arising in our sector, that are not few. We are pending the analysis of the results of this agreement to see if, in effect, the punishment proceedures to the planning offenders increase or not.

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