Since the arrival of 2021, two possibilities have been determined:

– Those who have the so-called tarjeta verde (green card), a card that accredits the permanence of foreigners in Spain, continue to be residents in Spain. However, they must apply for the TIE (Foreigners’ Identity Card) at the foreigners’ office in the province where they wish to take up residence.

– Those who did not obtain a green card or the Withdrawal Agreement before the end of 2020, and wish to obtain residence, must go through the procedure like any NON-EU country.

Bufete Frau’s team is prepared to carry out all the relevant immigration formalities for those British clients who have not yet applied for residence after Brexit.

IBIZA: Authorization for houses on rustic land is released if no wells are opened.

The Consell de Ibiza has determined that, until the type of ZAVA land (an agricultural land figure) is correctly delimited, no houses can be built on rustic land in Ibiza, even if they comply with all the urban planning parameters, if there is no commitment to build and open a well from the subsoil.

However, these agricultural regulations established a two-year transition period so that all ZAVA-type land would have time to be approved and managed.

Which factors influence the value of a house?

The main factors taken into account when valuing a home are the area and the surroundings, its type and whether it is second-hand or newly built.

Firstly, it is essential to identify the home in the registry and land registry in order to guarantee that the home that you are considering buying corresponds to the data that appears in the Land Registry, and that it does not carry with it any town planning problems that could penalize its value.

With respect to the area, it is a determining factor when valuing a property, as well as its proximity to schools, hospitals, playgrounds, shopping and leisure centres, and sports centres.

The type of property chosen will have a significant influence on the price. Penthouses with a terrace are highly valued properties, as well as any type of home that has a large terrace or garden.

Regardless of the state of the home, the price per square meter of new homes is much higher than that of second-hand homes, despite being in a similar location.

Deadline for exercising the remedy for hidden defects:

When the buyer cannot use the usual, normal and ordinary utilities of a purchased home, he may exercise the action for recovery of hidden defects from the seller. These defects are imperfections or defects that the purchased item may have. Several requirements are established to exercise this action:

– That it is a serious defect, hidden or not apparent.

– That the defect is previous or simultaneous to the sale.

– That the defect is not apparent at first sight.

– That the action is brought within six months of the date on which the property was obtained.


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