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A Family Office company is a platform that serves as a vehicle for unifying the wealth of a family that carries out an economic activity. A business.

Traditionally, Family Office refers to a business, a company, run by and for a family, obtaining its profits from this activity, so that the main family concerns will be: preservation, expansion and succession.

Therefore, a Family Officer is the expert who advises and helps these family estates to be unified, applying economic and legal formulas that allow the family objectives to be achieved, above all, in their expansion through investment.

What is a Family Office investment fund?

As we have said, the Family Office has three main motivations: to preserve, to expand and to succeed.

Therefore, when we speak of a family office investment fund, we refer exclusively to the expansion motivation.

Generally, depending on the size of the family office’s assets, the investments will always be of moderate or high risk, depending on the expansion objective to be achieved.

We must bear in mind that the most important aspect of a family office is its financial health, known as wealth management.

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What is a family office wealth management?

The word “wealth management” means wealth management, specifically wealth management of high net worth individuals.

Family offices are private wealth management advisory firms that cater to high-net-worth individuals (known as “high-net-worth individuals” under the acronym “HNWI”).

They differ from traditional wealth management firms in that they offer a total outsourced solution for managing the financial and investment side of a wealthy individual or family.

For example, many family offices offer budgeting, insurance, charitable giving, wealth transfer and taxation services, which evokes sub-types such as Family Office in Finance or Family Office in Investment.

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What is a Family Office in finance?

A Family Office in finance is one whose purpose is to expand, therefore, a specific study of the family casuistry is carried out in order to know what its value bet can be, whose maximum form of realisation is through the Family Office in investment.

What is a Family Office in investment?

On the other hand, we find the family office investment that has as its object, which is the very result of the Family Office in finance: to make an investment that comes from the Family Office in order to expand it.

And, one of the instruments through which the investment can be channelled is the hedge fund of the family office, in its necessary % according to the family-financial planning.

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